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Customized Training Programs designed specifically for people over 40 years of age.

Your Health Doesn't have to Decline as you Age

Too many people over 40 simply just accept that being out of shape and in pain is just what happens when you get older. You deserve to feel strong, fit and healthy all day long

What Makes Ignition Different?

We don't hire your typical trainers that all the other big gyms do, we hire great people, and MAKE THEM into awesome coaches that care a lot and know how to meet you where you are at as an individual

Instead of the trainers making up workouts as they go, or having everyone follow a cookie cutter template that may not be a good fit, we've developed systems of training each person individually, in a non-intimidating group environment.

There is something truly special about sharing challenges and experiences with a community that not only has your back but is on the journey with you. Couple that with a fun atmosphere plus the accountability of a coach and you have a truly unbeatable team.

Book a call to chat with us about what you're looking to accomplish.

Meet with one of our personal trainers who will help you build a fitness and nutrition program that’s right for you.

The average client at IFS drops 5-20 pounds of energy-zapping fat in their first month.

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