No matter what your goal is, we tailor our programs to fit your needs; so every exercise prescribed for you has a particular purpose. Our science-based programs are the key to target FAT LOSS, increase your ENERGY LEVELS, help you MOVE BETTER, and FEEL TOTALLY AWESOME.


BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION: Fill in the form by clicking here to set your appointment. During this private meeting, we define your goals, we’ll go through your past movement experiences, we’ll perform a body-brain assessment (What your typical week looks like regarding nutrition, fitness, sleep patterns, and emotional well-being) and we’ll evaluate your ability to move with mobility assessment. Based on this interview, we’ll write a detailed program just for you that changes every 6 weeks.

CHOOSE YOUR IDEAL COACHING EXPERIENCE: Individualized Functional Fitness (Group classes), Customized (Small Group or 1:1 coaching). Customized Memberships are available for those who need 100% attention. Each option will give you what you need based on your goals.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS CLASSES: Ideal group setting for people with no injuries. (Those who are clear of mobility assessment). Our classes program (Complete Strength and METABOLIC) changes every 6 weeks. No need to sign up before class, just show up and do work!

SMALL GROUP or 1:1 (Customized Program): Our very detailed program includes 2-3 different workouts to keep you from getting bored or reach a plateau: Your customized 6 weeks program will improve your flexibility, give you more power, increase your strength and develop your cardiovascular endurance. With this option, you have it all! Best part? The intensity of each workout will depend on your readiness that day, based on how you feel physically and mentally. We’ll teach you how to perform every exercise safely and with correct form so you can UNDERSTAND your program and have the freedom to train with confidence on your open gym days. Learn More

OPEN GYM: With this option, you manage when you want to train at your own convenience. Come into the gym on the days when you don’t have a scheduled coached session and train with your program. Our coaches will always be there during your scheduled class to assist you, but you are the boss! Schedule your visits during our working hours and enjoy the freedom of having the gym available whenever you want to foam roll and stretch, train with your program or do some running! Our programs can be designed for 1.5 months or 1 year, keeping you committed to your life-change and giving us the chance to design the right periodization to help you reach your goals.