Jet Lag Nutrition

OMG I’m Soooooo Hungry!!!!!” Did you ever consider that you could technically be starving?

Here you are, probably overweight, seemingly feeding your face at every opportunity only to never really feel full or satisfied. How could I possibly be starving? Think about it.

Once diabetes is ruled out, excessive appetite is a classic sign of poor digestion and protein assimilation (this is a fancy word for your body’s ability to break it down and use it) due to many factors. But in review, one of the biggest culprits in this game of “I cannot get full” is the consumption of too many processed foods and sugars. Due to your bodies lightning speed shuttling of glucose out of your blood and seemingly into your fat cells you quickly find yourself in the endless cycle of starving, gorging, spiking and crashing.

When blood sugar crashes, you will eat your own arm.

Remember that the faster the blood sugar goes up, the faster it also comes crashing down. (Yes, I know glucose goes to your cells then liver and muscles first but when you never deplete that supply, you can never break the cycle.)

If your diet is essentially derived from a box, bag, can or window, devoid of decent proteins and essential fats, there is nothing to slow the onslaught of fast acting glucose on your system. You are stuck on the Rollercoaster from Hell.

If you have digestion issues, your cells are literally starving because they aren’t getting any of the nutrients you are sending them, supposing that you are actually sending them something besides sugar.

You are not what you eat; you are what you can digest.

With poor digestion, all the good food is going right through you. Unfortunately, those sugars are insanely easy to digest (it starts in the mouth with saliva) and that goes to your love handles.

Sugar also requires a lot of vitamins, especially the B’s, for your body to digest. If you are blowing your load of vitamins just trying to keep your blood sugar out of the stratosphere, you are now again starving your cells of essential nutrients.

A deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids (See EFA post) will also let the body run on carbohydrates and sugar. As blood glucose levels plummet, glucose cannot be produced fast enough from stores to bring blood sugar up and appetite becomes uncontrollable.

So what is one to do?

Nix alcohol

(Oh dear God, hopefully not for forever if you have caught it in time, just relax) caffeine (I know!!!!) and stimulants. Red Bull, Monster, black tea, soft drinks both regular and diet……(I can’t explain to you why in less than a 5 page dissertation on the adrenal glands why this is so important but it is)

Gorge yourself on vegies, both raw and lightly cooked

I once gave as a homework assignment someone coming to me to go to the grocery store, pick out as many vegies she was willing to eat raw, go home, wash, cut and fill a gallon baggie. Now, empty it as quickly into your system as possible. A week?-ok. 3 days?-now we’re talking. Less? ROCK STAR! This will not only pump some really great vitamins back into you but will hopefully take up some room that would be filled by something from a crinkly package.

Increase Your Protein & Fatty Acid Intake

Yes, eat more eggs, steak (leaner stuff), chicken, shrimp, salmon, fish in general…..

Omega 3 fish oils and nuts. Yes all you “non-fat, low fat”ers out there, you get to eat fat again!!! AND lose weight and, most importantly, feel better.

Eat several small meals

If it keeps you from binging and getting over center on hunger. The big thing is you do not want to get that blood sugar in the toilet because then all reason, self-control and good choice making ability goes out the window.

Begin by eliminating processed foods and simple carbs from your diet.

This includes sugars and starches. Again, if you are eating the Standard American Diet (yes it is SAD), this will be incredibly painful. Please have hope, though. It gets easier and you can check out the post on “Stepping down off of the sugar cube.”

“So what the heck am I supposed to eat?”

Funny you should ask…….I will provide.

Health is a choice. Choose wisely.

Check Out a Few Good Choices