My mobility, strength, and balance have increased enormously.

I am 55 years old with two active boys and have had chronic lower back pain for almost 20 years due to a couple of accidents. Doctors in four states have tried to help me manage that pain and increase my mobility with limited success. After several visits to the Mayo Clinic, my doctors there told me that my best recovery action was to significantly develop my core and back strength—well beyond what physical therapy could offer. Jason’s guidance, training, and discipline gave me confidence that I could get better and changed the way I manage my own health. His program for me resulted from his personalized assessment of what I needed to improve my pain and back health.
I have been going to Ignition now for about five months, three times per week and I am just coming home from a family vacation of hiking on the north shore. Before training with Jason I could not have even considered an activity like hiking on rugged trails that require strength, conditioning and balance. When I joined Ignition and Jason asked me what my personal fitness goals were, I told him I wanted to be able to keep up with my boys and be ready to hike in New Zealand, where my family and I are going early next year. I will be able to reach my goals. My mobility, strength, and balance have increased enormously and my pain is manageable for the first time in years. My membership at Ignition costs me far less than what I was paying for physical therapy sessions only a few times a month.

Dan Dean